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HTTP Response Status Cats

Written by Brie Carranza

HTTP Cutie Cats

Meet the HTTP Response Status Cats at httpcat.us! This is inspired by the awesome http.cat site. For each HTTP response status code (like 404 Not Found), a cute cat picture generated with Midjourney v4 appears.

How the cats can help

Visit httpcat.us/XYZ where XYZ is the HTTP response status code you want to know about. The most important question you have might be:

…but what about HTTP 418?

If we have worked together: you know I implemented HTTP 418. It was one of the very first cats and it’s super cute: httpcat.us/418.

A few examples:

302 Found 302 Found

422 Unprocessable Content 422 Unprocessable Content

502 Bad Gateway 502 Bad Gateway

Behind the Scenes

I bundled the results into a Flask app, and deployed it with Google Cloud Run. Explore the implementation.

I used IANA’s HTTP STatus Code Registry as the source for the codes I would implement. I’ve added everything in this list plus HTTP 418 as mentioned above.

Constrained Writing

Crafting the prormpts was a bit of an exercise in constrained writing for me and my partner. I would like to tackle SMTP’s enhanced status codes, in theory. However, this sentiment from RFC 3463 seems a warning sign:

SMTP suffers some scars from history, most notably the unfortunate damage to the reply code extension mechanism by uncontrolled use.

I will post here if I am not daunted by the effort.